FossaMail profile backup tool

This tool will help you back up FossaMail profiles (settings and e-mail). It is a simple tool and doesn't have much in terms of advanced features, but should give you a quick and easy way to create backups of your FossaMail mailboxes and customizations.
This tool may not work for everyone, since it has a few important limitations:
  1. This tool only works for the default profile location for FossaMail (not for custom profile locations)
  2. This tool will not backup mailboxes that are stored outside of your main profile folder
It was put together mainly for people who have standard installations and/or who do not have enough knowledge of the Windows O.S. and filesystem to manually backup the profiles. It is not meant to be very versatile or flexible, but "gets the job done" in most cases. The current version has basic options for compression, but does not offer encryption or password protection of any sort, so you will have to make sure yourself to keep your backups in a secure location.

Please check the following forum thread for more details about this tool:

Download now (free)

Please close FossaMail before attempting to backup/restore your profiles. Not doing so may cause an incomplete backup, corrupt data or give errors.


This tool is provided to you as FREEWARE. Unlike the FossaMail client, this tool is not open source and the source is not made available. 2012-2015 M.C. Straver.
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