Language Packs

FossaMail is an English language client. However, if you prefer the user interface in a different language, then these language packs (specific for FossaMail) will help you!

To install:
  1. Find your language in the list by language code (e.g. ES for Spanish, NL for Dutch).
  2. Download the XPI to your hard disk (Alt+Click or Right-click->Save link as)
  3. Drag and drop the XPI to your FossaMail and allow it to install
  4. Go to Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> tab "General" and click the button [Config editor]
  5. This pops open a configuration editor with preferences. Find: general.useragent.locale
  6. Double-click this value and change it to your language code (same code as the file name of the language pack)
  7. Restart FossaMail

Download for latest release

Language Download
Arabic ar.xpi
Asturian/Bable ast.xpi
Belarusian be.xpi
Bulgarian bg.xpi
Bengali (Bangladesh) bn-BD.xpi
Breton br.xpi
Catalan ca.xpi
Czech cs.xpi
Danish da.xpi
German de.xpi
Greek (Modern) el.xpi
English (U.K.) en-GB.xpi
Spanish (Argentina) es-AR.xpi
Spanish (Spain) es-ES.xpi
Estonian et.xpi
Basque eu.xpi
Finnish fi.xpi
French fr.xpi
Western Frisian (Netherlands) fy-NL.xpi
Irish ga-IE.xpi
Gaelic (Scottish) gd.xpi
Galician (Spain) gl.xpi
Hebrew he.xpi
Croatian hr.xpi
Hungarian hu.xpi
Armenian hy-AM.xpi
Indonesian id.xpi
Icelandic is.xpi
Italian it.xpi
Japanese ja.xpi
Korean ko.xpi
Lithuanian lt.xpi
Latvian lv.xpi
Dutch nl.xpi
Norwegian (Nynorsk) nn-NO.xpi
Panjabi/Punjabi (India) pa-IN.xpi
Polish pl.xpi
Portuguese (Brazil) pt-BR.xpi
Portuguese (Portugal) pt-PT.xpi
Romansh rm.xpi
Romanian/Moldavian ro.xpi
Russian ru.xpi
Sinhala si.xpi
Slovak sk.xpi
Slovenian sl.xpi
Albanian sq.xpi
Serbian sr.xpi
Swedish sv-SE.xpi
Tamil (Sri Lanka) ta-LK.xpi
Turkish tr.xpi
Ukranian uk.xpi
Vietnamese vi.xpi
Chinese (Simplified) zh-CN.xpi
Chinese (Traditional) zh-TW.xpi

Download for older versions

Important: Always use the language packs that exactly match the major&minor (e.g. 25.1 for use with 25.1.*) version of FossaMail you are using!

Get the language packs from FTP here:

ftp://fmlocales:[email protected]/

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